What Makes You, You?

Learn about your personality, why you experience the world the way you do, why you are good at some things and bad at others, and how other people are likely to see you.

HoganX explores new approaches to understanding people and personality. Here you can take part in our experiments, see our scientific findings and explore more about personality.


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In The Media

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3 Emerging Alternatives to Traditional Hiring Methods

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Harvard Business Review

Personality Tests Can Help Balance a Team

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Personality, privacy and our digital selves

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Hogan X Forms Partnership with Receptiviti.ai

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Know Your Crew and Hogan X Form Partnership to Revolutionize Team Building

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Shazam for the soul - can computers assess us better than humans?

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How different are your online and offline personalities?

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Should Your Voice Determine Whether You Get Hired?

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Psychology Today: Five Reasons Relationships Fail

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Forbes: Seven Common (But Irrational) Reasons for Hating Personality Tests

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The Huffington Post

An Illustrated Guide To Categorizing Yourself

Robert Benchley once remarked that there are two kinds of people in the world—those who divide people into two kinds...Read More

Background & Purpose

Hogan X is translating digital behavior into insights that people will use to understand themselves in greater depth. We’re creating tools to apply those insights to work, relationships, teams and well-being. Individuals can lead more fulfilled lives and create better relationships, and teams and organizations build healthier and more productive workplaces.

Based on rigorous peer-reviewed research extending over 40 years, the Hogan personality tools have been taken millions of times and are used across every industry by some of the world’s largest companies to inform crucial people related decisions.

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Hogan X partners with innovative companies around the world to invent the personality tools of the future.

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Grounded in more than four decades of validated research, Hogan assessments
were first to scientifically measure personality at work. We’ve been
at the forefront of personality theory ever since and influence
researchers across the world today.

Google scholar search us, or explore some of
our seminal research papers here:

Research Lab

What’s possible? Can you learn about your personality from the photographs you post? From your voice patterns? From your social media profile? Hogan X is experimenting in all these areas and more, to help people develop greater insights about themselves and others. We hope that the tools we help to build will help individuals and companies fit better together, and help people have more fulfilled lives.

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